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  • Airbnb adds Experiences to its sharing economy platform March 23, 2017
    In Q4 2016, Airbnb took a giant leap into new tourism territory by announcing Experiences, a new platform that turns locals into tourism operators. It’s all part of the company’s Trips product, which expands Airbnb beyond guest accommodations and home sharing into the role of a full-service travel agent. Experiences have begun in twelve cities […]
    David Archer
  • Why loyalty management leads to growth March 21, 2017
    Imagine that for every one hundred arrivals to your destination, one hundred and ten returned next year. Ideally, how many of those would be repeat visits and referrals? Visitor retention is one of three growth engines for destinations (along with visitor acquisition and referral). A higher retention rate can reduce the risk of declining visitation. […]
    Frank Cuypers
  • If your visitors disappeared, would your residents miss them? March 17, 2017
    A destination’s perceived success is often tied to visitation. An increase in visitation can help destination leaders justify funding for their organization because they can reference the direct economic benefit their industry receives. In general, wealthy stakeholders are happy stakeholders. However, more and more of today’s destinations face challenges of overcrowding. Tourism promotion in one […]
    David Archer
  • How do your residents feel about tourism? Visit Flanders studies local perceptions of carrying capacity March 15, 2017
    Visit Flanders is taking resident opinions about tourism seriously. The Belgian destination management organization (DMO) has released a report written by Vincent Nijs that describes resident perspectives about carrying capacity and the perceived value of tourism in the city of Bruges. Nijs conducted this study as part of his MBA thesis at MODUL University in […]
    David Archer
  • India’s free SIM cards: a win-win for destinations and visitors March 14, 2017
    Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) everywhere are seeking new ways to provide value to visitors while helping them share their experiences. From producing engaging content, to social listening and enabling Wi-Fi, the tactics destinations use to encourage conversation are endless. India’s Ministry of Tourism is tackling the matter by offering something every traveller needs in a […]
    Katie Shriner
  • Beware bad KPIs: Your DMO may not be reaching its full potential March 10, 2017
    It’s time to get specific about success. Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) need to focus all of their efforts on goals that help them solve problems for their industry, residents and visitors. Then, they need to measure the right results. How else will they know whether their marketing is working? Too many destinations are focused on […]
    Rodney Payne
  • Google Maps makes trip planning more social with new Lists feature March 9, 2017
    Every industry has at least one trailblazer that grabs the attention of the entire market whenever they announce something new. For technology, it’s Apple. The auto industry has Tesla. Music has Adele. Increasingly for DMOs, it’s Google. No company has more power to change the travel booking and planning industry in a day than Google. […]
    John Freeman
  • Is your DMO delivering a little extra to make a big difference? March 7, 2017
    In the late 1800s, deep in the bayou of Louisiana in the United States, a tradition was born that still exists to this day on the soulful streets of New Orleans. In the bustling southern city, merchants began to add a little extra to a customer’s purchase; a piece of licorice here, or an extra […]
    Katie Shriner
  • Step out of the silos and into the matrix March 3, 2017
    Many destination marketing organization (DMO) leaders struggle to organize and lead their team to be efficient and effective in today’s changing environment. Most DMOs still use a corporate structure that is a leftover from before the Internet arrived. In those days, most DMO departments worked independently. Organizations divided marketing responsibilities geographically, which made sense in […]
    William Bakker
  • Don’t fear democracy: Learn from Vancouver’s logo woes March 1, 2017
    The City of Vancouver, Canada has been taking heat for its new wordmark design. An open letter signed by over one hundred members of the local design community has derided the “misguided process” that led to the logo’s approval. The letter represents that sector’s passionate viewpoint that the logo does not reflect Vancouver’s unique culture, […]
    David Archer