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  • Why emoji are a 🎁 for your DMO’s content marketing October 5, 2018
    Jing Ge is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Anthropology Department and Co-Chair of the Tourism Studies Working Group at University of California, Berkeley. She received her Ph.D. in marketing and communication from the UQ Business School at the University of Queensland, Australia and has close to 10 years of online communication industry experience. Her […]
    Think! Staff
  • A brief history of your DMO’s role September 24, 2018
    Destination marketing is undergoing a revolutionary change. For many, mass advertising fades in relevance as word-of-mouth promotion moves front-and-centre and DMOs begin to manage experiences. Your visitors and residents influence people who trust them by sharing their travel experiences in vast online networks. You can learn a lot from the millions of conversations out there. […]
    Think! Staff
  • Why 70% of destinations say involving stakeholders is a major branding challenge September 7, 2018
    We asked our readers to tell us their destination’s biggest branding challenge. (The poll remains open.) So far, about 70% chose “involving our tourism industry to educate and align with our brand” as a significant obstacle, ranking it either four or five out of five in difficulty. Some of you will feel validated to find […]
    David Archer
  • Engagement benchmarks: How does your destination compare? August 10, 2018
    You’ve just received your DMO’s quarterly marketing report. Flipping through the deck, you see that your social media channels are showing strong numbers. 70,000 more engagements here, 8,000 more followers there – growth is happening across the board. It seems like good news. Then at a meeting, someone asks, “What do these engagement numbers really […]
    David Archer
  • Poll: What is your destination’s biggest branding challenge in 2018? August 4, 2018
    Virtually all destination marketing organizations (DMOs) need to master brand strategy and management to succeed. Many marketers face similar obstacles on the way to brand excellence, but which are blocking today’s DMOs? Let’s find out. What are your biggest branding challenges? Take a few minutes to complete the multiple-choice poll below. After completing the poll, […]
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  • Who’s doing niche tourism? These 5 destinations are doubling down on specific visitor passions July 28, 2018
    An experience made for everyone is often nothing special to anyone. “Why should I visit?” is one question your destination needs to address in today’s increasingly competitive tourism market. A niche marketing strategy can connect your destination and its community to passionate, loyal visitors who appreciate the experiences that only your place can provide. Without […]
    Kelly Cubbon
  • Place brand manager roles are expanding: here’s why and what to do next July 14, 2018
    “The wider any culture spreads, the thinner it gets.” -Stanley Edgar Hyman, literary critic This maxim – known as The Law of Raspberry Jam – describes a core challenge of destination branding: Without a coherent story and coordinated stakeholders, your brand loses its distinctive flavour. Unfortunately, many destinations spread their messages too thin. When people […]
    Frank Cuypers
  • Social media-fueled overcrowding and your DMO’s responsibility July 9, 2018
    Can your destination’s social media channels damage the environment? It might sound extreme, but some fear that Instagram and other platforms are “ruining the great outdoors” by drawing an overwhelming number of visitors to fragile sites. Social media certainly has a powerful influence on visitor behaviour. According to a Google study, 60% of people use […]
    Kelly Cubbon
  • Sparking genuine word-of-mouth promotion is always a best practice June 22, 2018
    “If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they’d punch you in the face.” – Hugh MacLeod Hugh’s warning is not only good for your health, it’s relevant for any destination that talks to visitors online using platforms like Facebook. Use social media the way it was designed – to talk to […]
    Think! Staff
  • 5 inspiring stories from destinations making a difference June 8, 2018
    Our team is always looking for bright lights in the destination marketing industry – the stories that keep us optimistic and excited about the future of travel, tourism, destination marketing, and the way destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are improving people’s lives. Readers of this blog are watching too. After reading one of our articles about […]
    David Archer