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  • Ottawa Tourism CEO: “We would become obsolete” without modern strategic planning February 23, 2018
    When Michael Crockatt joined Ottawa Tourism as President & CEO in 2016, the city was on the verge of a big moment. Ottawa was about to become the epicentre of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations in 2017. Tourism was expected to increase by 6.0% in overnight visits as a result. It was an ideal time for […]
    Think! Staff
  • Survive the Facebook algorithm and thrive with timeless destination marketing strategy February 16, 2018
    “… you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups. As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.” -Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO at Facebook In January 2018, Facebook announced a significant change to its News Feed algorithm. The social media company says […]
    David Archer
  • Working in isolation is risky. Here’s why Tourism Calgary built strategy and brand with a team-wide, collaborative process. February 9, 2018
    Destination marketers who develop strategy and brand in isolation risk not reaching their full potential. Successful destination marketing requires alignment and support. When teams work independently in silos, resources are squandered, years of hard work sit in someone’s drawer collecting dust, and the risk of ideas falling flat at implementation is high. Community and industry […]
    Think! Staff
  • 8 tips for a brilliant DMO website and our Hall of Fame February 2, 2018
    We’re way beyond tourism brochures. Today’s digital marketing ecosystem continues to expand, providing visitors with the inspiration and information they need through endless platforms and channels. In an era saturated with social media, how can destination marketing organizations (DMOs) find the right role for their website? Let’s talk to an expert. Self-professed “website geek” Katie […]
    David Archer
  • Destination Think! begins brand project close to home with Tourism Victoria January 22, 2018
    We are excited to announce that Destination Think! will begin working with Tourism Victoria on the DMO’s Brand Evolution project in early 2018. Tourism Victoria is the destination marketing organization (DMO) that represents Victoria, British Columbia and the Greater Victoria region, a vibrant Canadian tourism destination located on Vancouver Island. It attracts domestic and international […]
    David Archer
  • Place DNA™ airs resident viewpoints to aid tourism planning in Big Sky, Montana January 19, 2018
    Can you define your destination’s community identity? Do you know your residents’ greatest hopes and fears about tourism, and do they impact your planning? There can be no destination branding without residents. To build lasting credibility and authenticity, a destination needs to work outward from its identity. This means identifying and articulating the core of […]
    David Archer
  • A destination marketing year in review: Our most-read articles of 2017 December 22, 2017
    As the year comes to a close, we look back at the trends and articles that were of most interest to you, our readers. Our top five posts this year range from Wonderful Copenhagen’s provocative destination marketing strategy, to overtourism, to niche marketing. Here they are:   5) What does the ideal DMO look like? […]
    David Archer
  • Earned vs. paid media: Should DMOs pay to promote third-party content? December 15, 2017
    Imagine it’s Wednesday afternoon, and you’re at the office. The New York Times has just published an article featuring one of the newest and most popular restaurants in your destination. The story makes the restaurant look good, it makes the chef look good, and it makes the chocolate mousse look even better. Though it’s a […]
    Think! Staff
  • 3 white papers to lead your destination into the future December 8, 2017
    Destination marketing is changing quickly. Shifts in technology and consumer behaviour have forced many organizations (DMOs) to adapt or risk irrelevance. Does your destination use the best information and analysis to plan for the future? This is the place to find it. As an experienced destination marketing agency and consultancy, we have found that many […]
    Kelly Cubbon
  • White paper: Will international tourism offices remain relevant? December 1, 2017
    The Destination Think! team is pleased to release this white paper that addresses international tourism offices: Will international tourism offices remain relevant?: Your roadmap for the future If you are reading this, you recognize that destination marketing is changing fast. New technology and shifting consumer behaviour have forced destination marketing organizations (DMOs) like yours to […]
    Think! Staff